About Us

“To dress casually is quintessentially to live fast, young and carefree. Clothes reflect freedom - Freedom to choose how we present ourselves; freedom to blur the lines between right and wrong; freedom to wear your personality, literally, on your sleeve.”

Welcome to Club York! Our mission is to deliver the best of global fashion trends for the new age nation. We design affordable, high-street styles to give everyone, every day the freedom to look their best!


Club York, a brand for those who don't settle for anything less than perfection

 Established in 1954, Club York is celebrated to create top-hole casual wear that's meant to be lived in. We are all geared up to bring together the best of craftsmanship, innovative fashion and hassle-free shopping experience - at an affordable price. With a diverse team of talented designers, stylists, and developers, we thrive on the unpredictability of fashion trends with a mission to help youth harness the power of self-presentation and to rethink their style altogether.

Everything New. Every time

Completing the collection is an astonishing range of t-shirts, shirts, dresses, chinos, tops, denims and everything in between to complement your personal style. Plus, we encourage you to keep looking out for off-the-peg limited edition and signature styles. It’s definitely more than a place to shop.


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If you would like to get in touch with us, say hello at [email protected]